New for Lethbridge-Stewart Fans

Candy Jar Books is pleased to release the cover art for the second Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off novella, The Flaming Soldier, designed by Richard Young. Richard says: “For this second cover I wanted to create a full colour image rather than my usual mix of colour and black and white. I had also backed myself into a […]

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Terrance Dicks Should Write One More Script For Doctor Who

It has been announced that Rona Munro has written episode nine for the tenth series of Doctor Who. Munro also wrote for Doctor Who in the Sylvester McCoy era of the program, penning the story Survival. Since there is now one writer from the classic era of the show writing for the program in the modern era, I think that Terrance Dicks should be given the opportunity to write one last script for Doctor Who. Dicks was the script editor for the series from the end of the Patrick Troughton era to the end of Jon Pertwee era. Dicks co-wrote The War Games with Malcom Hulke. A ten episode story that ended Troughton’s tenure as the Doctor and introduced the Time Lords to the audience. Dicks wrote stories for the Tom Baker Doctor, Robot, The Brain of Morbius, The Horror of Fang Rock, and State of Decay. He also wrote the twentieth anniversary special, The Five Doctors. He wrote to stage plays Doctor Who and the Daleks The Seven Keys to Doomsday (1974) and Doctor Who-The Ultimate Adventure (1989). Dicks also wrote an audio play for Big Finish Productions called Comeback (2002). He has written numerous novels and novelizations based on the program. Dicks turns 82 on April 14, but from what I understand he has a fertile mind. I’m sure that he’s capable of writing one more Doctor Who script. It would fitting to add such a story to the legacy of a true legend of that great program.

Illini Women’s Basketball Has Taken a Great Step With Fahay

faheyWhen University of Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman hired Nancy Fahay (pronounced FAY) to be Illinois’ head coach for women’s basketball, he hired a legend. Fahay coached the Washington University women’s basketball team for thirty one years. She posted 737 career wins for the Division III program, winning five NCAA Championships with ten final four appearances. She is in the Washington University Sports Hall of Fame, the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame, and the Women’s Collegiate Hall of Fame. People have questioned whether Fahay can recruit for a Division I basketball program. I believe that she can. Fahay is a well known name in women’s college basketball, and well respected by her peers. I have no doubt that girl’s high school basketball coaches throughout the country are well aware of who she is. That is especially true in the Saint Louis area, where the coaches have been observing her teams over the years. And that is certainly true of the high school players around Saint Louis who have grown up watching Nancy Fahay teams play, now some of the best players from that area can have the chance to play for her. Fahay brought talented players to Washington University that she helped win, and she can do the same at Illinois.