An Opportunity to Write

Ever fancied writing for the Lethbridge-Stewart range? Well, now’s your chance. For a limited period, Candy Jar Books are opening their short story range to everybody (as long as you’ve never written for the series before). All you have to do is send a one line idea, and a short story you’ve written (any short […]

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Underwood Really Wants to be at Illinois

One thing that really came through as I listened to Brad Underwood talk at his official introduction as the new basketball coach at the University of Illinois, the man really wants to be there. He followed the team during the eleven years that he was an assistant at Western Illinois (1992-2003). He respects the program, the tradition, and the history. He said that it has been at the back of his mind to coach at Illinois for years. His desire to coach at Illinois and his enthusiasm for the school make it likely that he’ll coach at Illinois for a long time.Brad-Underwood-2016-TABC-Clinic-Notes