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The first Doctor realizes who the 12th Doctor is


Wheelchair Athletes Should be Included Illinois’ Athletics Hall of Fame

On September 30, the University of Illinois inducted its inaugural class for its athletics hall of fame. Unfortunately, the school’s wheelchair athletes are not eligible for the hall of fame, and they should be. Illinois was the first university in the United States to make a college education available to the disabled. And wheelchair sports were created at the university as well. Both of those accomplishments were spearheaded by Timothy J. Nugent beginning in 1948. Beginning in 1977, wheelchair athletes at Illinois have been awarded varsity letters the same as their able-bodied counterparts. In 2004, letters were awarded retroactively to wheelchair athletes who participated in sports from 1948-1976. By awarding letters to those athletes, the university is saying that wheelchair teams are neither club sports, nor intramural teams, but legitimate University of Illinois sports. In addition, Sharon Rahn Hedrick, a wheelchair athlete, was named the 1980 athlete of the year for the University of Illinois. So, there are precedents that show that wheelchair sports are part of the fabric of University of Illinois athletics. And the influence that the University of Illinois has had on improving life for the disabled in the United States and the world is part of the institution’s heritage. Including wheelchair athletes in the University of Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame would be a great way to celebrate what the University of Illinois has done to improve life for the disabled.