Lovie Smith Begins Second “Spring Practice”at Illinois

On February 14, Lovie Smith will begin his second “spring practice” since his arrival as head coach at Illinois last March. Last year, the sessions were hurriedly put together with the coaching staff being hired a short time before the practice began. The players and coaches were strangers to one another. But this year the situation is different. Lovie Smith and eight of his coaches have been through a whole season of football together with most of these players. There is an empty spot on the staff left when Tim McGarigle departed the team for a job with the Green Bay Packers (he’ll be replaced by Donnie Abraham), and there are four players from the 2017 recruiting class participating in spring ball. But the point is, that the players and coaches now have had a whole year to get know the offensive and defensive systems and get to know one another. That knowledge and experience will allow Smith and his staff to build a better football team at Illinois. A more stable and cohesive team will result. And don’t forget, that this fall will be the first time that the Illinois seniors will begin the season the same head coach two years in a row. Lovie Smith now knows his players, and the players know what expect from him, so the end should be a better Illinois football team in 2017.

New Adventures of UNIT

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce its brand new limited edition Lethbridge-Stewart novella range! Three new hardback novellas will be released throughout 2017, strictly limited to 400 copies each. March sees the release of The Life of Evans by John Peel, with Day of the Intelligence by Andy Frankham-Allen following in May, and The […]

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Four Football Recruits Enroll Early At Illinois

The University of Illinois announced today the early enrollment of four members of the 2017 recruiting class. Three of them are early high school graduates, the fourth is a junior college transfer. Below is a list of the four players and information about them:

Doctor Who Christmas Special Was a Quality Show

doctorThe latest Doctor Who Christmas special; The Return of Doctor Who is a very good story. It is what a Doctor Who Christmas story ought to be with the Doctor actually helping individuals to have better life, and stopping an alien invasion of Earth at the same time. This story has Peter Capaldi’s showing more humor, and more empathy for other beings than we have seen in the past. If that trend continues into future episodes of the show, the tenth series of the show could be most enjoyable. If you haven’t seen the 2016 Christmas special of Doctor Who, I highly recommend that you do. It’s very fun ride. If you have seen it, watch it again.