Vince Lloyd For the Baseball Hall of Fame

Vince Lloyd is the forgotten voice of the Cubs. He was exclusively with the Cubs (twenty-three seasons) longer than Jack Brickhouse (thirteen seasons), Harry Carey (sixteen seasons), or Pat Hughes (sixteen seasons). Sadly, the last five years of his tenure was relegated to color man as part of the fallout of  Carey’s arrival with the Cubs. And the audience was deprived of his play by play talent during that time. Before he began his work on Cubs radio, Lloyd was Brickhouse’s sidekick on WGN-TV on both White Sox and Cubs games beginning in 1949. He went to Cubs radio in 1965 when Jack Quinlin died in Car crash. With so many announcers from Chicago in the Baseball of Fame Lloyd has been overlooked, and play by play  men who weren’t as good have gone in before him. But Vince Lloyd was a quality play by play man who deserves that recognition. And it is time that people who vote broadcasters into the Baseball Hall of Fame realized it.


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