2013 University of Illinois Football Recruiting Class

Illinois head coach Tim Beckman and recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh

Illinois head coach Tim Beckman and recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh

When head coach Tim Beckman held his press conference for his 2013 football recruiting class, he had a list of twenty five players. Ten of those recruits, including five junior college recruits, are enrolled for the 2013 Spring Semester at Illinois. It was the first recruiting class that Beckman and his staff have recruited at Illinois over the course of an entire year. Coordinated by recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh, who worked eighteen hour days in the last few weeks up to Signing day. It is the first class since 2008 that the program has signed as many as eight recruits from the state of Illinois. Beckman intends to recruit Illinois hard, especially the Chicago area. Star players from the city’s football programs tend to choose schools from other states. Illinois’ recruiting class has been rated below the top thirty by the recruiting gurus across the country. But what is important to remember is that those ratings don’t mean anything once the players are out on the field. What matters is how these players fit in to all aspects of being a student athlete. Can they handle the academics, the social life, and the responsibility of living on their own for the time. Also, can they fit into the Tim Beckman football program. If the answer for most of these recruits is yes, this class will be the beginning of the Illinois football program returning to national prominence.


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