Ernie Banks: Still the Greatest Cub Ever

April 8 the Cubs’ home opener at Wrigley Field, Ernie Banks led the singing of Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch. The man known as Mr. Cub has a statue outside the ballpark in his honor. Banks was the first Cub to have his number retired. The number 14 hangs on the left field field foul pole, and will never be worn by another Cub player. His 2583 career hits are the most hits by a Cub since 1900. Cap Anson had 3012 hits for the team in the 1800s. Banks is second all time on the team with 512 home runs is second to Sammy Sosa with 545. But no one has ever accused Banks of using steroids. He is the team’s all time leader with 1636 rbis. He was the first African American to play for the Cubs. Along with Gene Baker at second base, Banks at shortstop was half of the first African American double play combination in the majors. He was also the first man to win back to back MVP awards, in 1958 and 1959. The numbers go on and on, but there has yet to be a player who has accomplished as much as Ernie Banks did at Wrigley Field.


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