Illinois Back on The Score

It was announced on April 17, that Illinois football and men’s basketball will soon be broadcast on 670 the Score in Chicago. Because of the station’s commitment with Northern Illinois football, Illinois football will be broadcast on 560 WIND for the 2013 season. The Score will begin broadcasting Illinois football in the fall of 2014. Men’s basketball will be airing on The Score starting with the 2013-14 season. The station will also broadcast the state wide coaches’ shows. With the move Illinois is upgraded to a 50,000 watt radio station that is heard in several states and parts of Canada. The Score is also a more popular station than WIND which has been the Chicago home of the Fighting Illini since 2005. Hopefully, The Score will broadcast all of the Illini pregame shows. Often, those shows have not been broadcast on WIND because of the station’s commitment to payed programming. It looks like a good deal for Illinois, except for one thing. The Score is the radio home of the Chicago White Sox. During the football season a conflict between Illinois football and the White Sox will lead to the White Sox being broadcast every time. Illinois will have to go to another station. Hopefully, it will be one fans in Chicago can easily find. But this deal appears to be a big step in helping Illinois get a bigger piece of the Chicago market. A market that Illinois must be a part of if its programs are going to succeed in the coming years.


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