Illinois Assembly Hall Renamed

On Monday April 29, the University of Illinois announced that the State Farm Insurance Company has purchased the naming rights for the building formerly known as the Assembly Hall. The new name of the fifty year old structure will be the State Farm Center, effective immediately. The agreement is the largest corporate  naming rights deal in college sports, at 60 million dollars for thirty years. The deal is very likely to be approved at the University’s Board of Trustees meeting in May. The 60 million dollars will be part of the $165 million restoration the building that is a multipurpose facility, but is best known throughout the country as a basketball arena.  The building has been sorely in need of renovation for many years. When it was built there were not enough restrooms included in the design to deal with the capacity of patrons it could hold. But there are many people who are so in love with unique exterior of the building they have no concern over the function of the building. There are many people who are even complaining about the name change. Those people need to realize that if their treasured building is to remain a part of the University some changes have to made.


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