It Sounds Familar

In the early 1980s, the Tribune Company, which then owned the Chicago Cubs, was threatening to move its baseball team out of Wrigley Field if they were not allowed to install lights in the grand old ball park. The neighborhood was in an uproar about having to endure night games at Wrigley Field, but eventually an agreement was reached and lights were installed. August 9 will mark the 25th anniversary of night games at Wrigley. Now, owner Tom Ricketts is threatening to move his team if he is not allowed to put signs and an electronic scoreboard up in his ballpark. The problem comes from building owners across the street who seem to think that they have a right to an unobstructed of the ballpark so they can sell tickets to watch the games from their rooftops. My guess is Ricketts will win this battle, the Cubs will continue to play at Wrigley Field, and the signs and electronic scoreboard will be installed. That neighborhood can’t afford to lose the millions of dollars the Cubs bring in every year. I think the business owners in the area will realize this, and persuade their neighbors to be reasonable. Tom Ricketts holds the cards in this situation. The building owners across the street should realize this and stop wasting everyone’s time.


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