The New Ironside

A couple of nights ago, I had the opportunity to see the premiere episode of the NBC series Ironside. The show is an updated version of a series starring Raymond Burr that first aired in 1967. The premise of the series is a police officer who is shot in the back causing a spinal cord injury, confining him to a wheelchair, and he continues his police work. The original series was successful, and it looks like the new series will be as well. Blair Underwood plays the new Ironside, and it appears that he will be as gruff and tough minded as the Burr character. The show looks like it’s going to be a strong police procedural drama like the original series was, with  decent mysteries to challenge the viewers’ minds. The Underwood character appears to far more independent than the Burr character was. He doesn’t have a driver who takes wherever he goes. He has his own apartment, instead of literally, living, working, and sleeping at police headquarters. I think this new series will be a success. But I do miss the Ironside theme written by Quincy Jones.


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