Recruiting spending is up. Will results follow?

Illinois is second only to Nebraska in spending money for recruiting football.

Big Ten Network

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Recruiting is the lifeblood of a good football program. Ask any coach. The team with the best players typically wins the game.

Well, when it comes to an investment in talent procurement, the Big Ten is upping its ante.

According to a story in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Big Ten public schools have increased their football recruiting expenses by 57 percent in a two-year period. The Big Ten’s current 11 public schools combined to spend nearly $6.47 million in football recruiting in fiscal year 2013. That’s up from $4.1 million in 2011.

Big Ten Recruiting Costs
School 2011 2012 2013
Illinois 545,363 614,529 791,972
Indiana 270,134 393,764 402,262
Iowa 307,226 403,305 477,455
Michigan 577,633 493,464 664,492
Michigan State 383,448 421,944 627,592
Minnesota 348,609 543,994 648,755
Nebraska 478,554 752,681 818,509
Northwestern NA NA NA
Ohio State 320,938 344,987 564,152
Penn State 258,800 443,022 736,739
Purdue 428,805 404,385 480,168

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