Cubs Games on WLS (ABC 7) Should Be On Regional Network

The Chicago Cubs seem to have a three-way television deal going for the next five years with Comcast Sports Chicago, ABC 7 Chicago, and WGN-TV. Word is that an announcement is coming soon that WGN will televise 45 Cub games a year, which means the team will continue on the station that it has been seen on since 1948. 25 games will be carried on ABC 7(WLS-TV) The rest of the local broadcasts will be handled by Comcast Sports Chicago. The ABC 7 games are expected to be on the weekend. But those games will only be seen in the Chicago area, unlike the audience for the other two stations. And Saturday and Sunday are times that people have more of a chance to see a ballgame. So, I suggest the Cubs should revive the network of stations that existed for the team before WGN-TV became a super station. Allowing fans in such places Peoria, Springfield-Champaign-Urbana, Quad City  to see the team on the weekends. I know it’s an old-fashioned idea, but just because it’s old doesn’t mean that it won’t work. And it will allow fans throughout the state to see more Cub games.


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