Let’s Not Make a Big Deal About Jodie Whittaker Being the Doctor


A great deal has been made of the fact that Jodie Whittaker, the thirteenth Doctor Who, is a woman. In my opinion too much has been made. Talk about the Doctor regenerating into a woman has been brought up to my knowledge since the early 1980s, and probably before that. So, it is likely that it was discussed before the actress was even born. It was almost inevitable that in a science fiction series where the main character could change his (her) body and personality that it would happen. Now it has happened, so let’s get on with the show. I just want to see some good Doctor Who stories, and I hope that Jodie Whittaker is a fine Doctor. And I hope that she stays a lot longer than three years. Some fans of the show in the 1960s had trouble accepting the change when Patrick Troughton took over the role from William Hartnell, and they missed out on some great adventures. Fans of Doctor Who today shouldn’t make the same mistake.


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