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I'm Karl Shook I have been a writer for many years. I have written two young/adult fantasy books, The Family Thing, The Legend of Reedville, The Unknown Adversaries, The Arrival of the Elf Princess, The Maze of Querma, The Quest of the Elf Princess. I use this blog to express opinions that I can't write about anywhere else. There has been a lot to write about so far, and there is likely to be a lot more.

A Captain Looks At Star Trek Discovery

Actress Michelle Yeoh discusses her character on Star Trek:Discovery. Captain


New Lethbridge-Stewart Stories Are on the Way

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce that the latest titles in its Lethbridge-Stewart range of novels are now available for pre-order! Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen says: “It’s quite an exciting series, with three very distinctively different stories. Each explores very different aspects of the Lethbridge-Stewart universe. A New-Age thriller taking the team to Australia, […]

via Series Five Now Up for Pre-order — The Official Lethbridge-Stewart Series

Dudek Finally Returns to Illinois Football

One of the best things about the 24-21 Illinois victory over Ball State last Saturday was the return of junior wide receiver Mike Dudek. Dudek missed both the 2015 and the 2016 seasons for Illinois due to knee injuries. A disappointing situation for Dudek, as well as, Illinois players, coaches, and fans, given the success the receiver had as a freshman in 2014. That year, Dudek established Illinois single season freshman records in receptions (76) and receiving yardage (1038). He became only the eighth player in school history to gain 1,000 yards receiving in a single season. So, Dudek’s return to the football field after a 981 day absence was something that everyone interested in the Illinois football program awaited with eager anticipation. Dudek’s first catch was a 16 yard touchdown reception from quarterback Chayce Crouch that gave Illinois an early 6-0 lead. He also had a 52 yard punt return in the fourth quarter that led to Illinois’ game winning touchdown.

Dudek shared his feelings about returning to the football field: “It felt a little surreal. I had probably thirty family members and friends here watching, and to have me go out and make that first touchdown catch from one of my friends (Crouch)… It was a pretty surreal moment. It’s hard to explain how it felt. (But) I couldn’t be more thankful for that.”