The New Star Wars Trailer

The trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out today. Check it out.

Nebraska hires former Chicago Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg — Big Ten Network

A proven winner as both a coach and player at the collegiate and professional levels, Fred Hoiberg has been named the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Nebraska.

Nebraska hires former Chicago Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg — Big Ten Network

Shocking Reveal Had a Unique Perspective

The season ending episode of Criminal Minds, Truth or Dare, revealed a secret. Jennifer Jareau, (AJ Cook) told her close friend Spencer Reed (Matthew Gray Gubler that she’s always loved him, even though she’s married and has two sons. The reveal shocked the fan base and promises to be an important aspect for the show’s next and final season. But something that I find most interesting is that the reveal came from Jareau instead of Reed. Spencer Reed is a genius, but throughout the series he’s been socially inept, needing the guidance of the other members of the team. Jennifer Jareau is a strong confident woman, who has always played the sister role to Reed. It would be the usual way for writers to have Reed say that he had always loved Jennifer, but he was afraid to say so. For me, doing the reveal from Jennifer’s mouth made it unique and special.

AJ Cook
Matthew Gray Gubler