New Series 11 Doctor Who Trailer

A new trailer for Doctor Who has been released.


Urban Meyer holds first weekly press conference — Big Ten Network


Urban Meyer’s three-game suspension ended after Ohio State’s win over TCU on Saturday night. Monday morning, the Ohio State coach held his first weekly press conference of the season.

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The Laughing Gnome Book Two – Pre-Order! — Official Lethbridge-Stewart News Site


Candy Jar Books is proud to announce book two in its anniversary series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels, The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web. Following on from The Laughing Gnome: Scary Monsters, book two sees the focus shift to Dame Anne Bishop (nee Travers) as she finds herself dragged back in time from 2011 to a […]

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The Sacred Riana is a Great Entertainer

SR Possibly the most interesting contestant in this season’s America’s Got Talent is The Sacred Riana. The magician, who’s really name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani, was the 2017 winner of Asia’s Got Talent. What makes this woman so unique is the ghoulish persona that she exhibits on stage. She seldom speaks, and when she does, it’s with a voice modulator that gives her a spooky tone. Her head twitches. Her right hand twitches. She carries a creepy doll with her. Contestants that sit in the same room with her are creeped out by her. The AGT judges are scared of her. So far this season, Mel B has been the target of attentions, and the judge seems truly scared by it. She jumps out of her seat and screams. Actions which amuse the live audience, and I assume many people in the audience watching at home. And the illusions The Scared Riana  creates cause people’s jaws to drop, and some to jump out their chairs. But that’s what’s special about The Sacred Riana. She gives a breath taking performance that few magicians can match. She might not win this season’s America’s Got Talent. But the audience will not soon forget her.