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May Jodie Whittaker’s Stay on Doctor Who Be Long

636358199064929473-Thirteenth-Doctor Much has been made over the fact that Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to be at the front of the cast of Doctor Who. But my hope is that Whittaker will be the longest serving Doctor since Tom Baker (1974-1981). There have been twelve Doctors in the history of the show, with Whittaker being the thirteenth. Only Jon Pertwee (five seasons, 1970-1974) and Tom Baker (seven seasons) were the Doctor for more than three seasons. It is time that the series have a long running Doctor again, and Whittaker is a good person to do it. Of course, it will depend on her performance, the writing, and many other factors for it to happen. But I wish Jodie Whittaker a long and successful run as the thirteenth Doctor on Doctor Who.

A Lethbridge-Stewart Spin-off Has Been Announced

Award-winning independent publisher Candy Jar Books is publishing a new series of novels, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries. A spin-off from Candy Jar’s Lethbridge-Stewart range, Lucy Wilson will likewise feature fully licensed characters and concepts from the BBC’s beloved Doctor Who. Twelve-year-old Lucy Wilson doesn’t want to move from London to sleepy Ogmore-by-Sea in south Wales. […]

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Lethbridge-Stewart:Moon Blink a Good Story

51lmdyPg1ML I’ve just finished the Lethbridge-Stewart story Moon Blink. And I have to say that it is a good story. It’s written by Sadie Miller, the daughter of the late actress Elisabeth Sladen who did fine work as Sarah Jane Smith in both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. But back to Moon Blink. The story so reminded me of the Unit stories of the John Pertwee era of Doctor Who. An amazing achievement, considering that those stories were broadcast before Sadie Miller was born. But I realized also that this story gave me a new insight into the character of Lethbridge-Stewart. It showed that beneath the by the book military man, there is an openness to new ideas. It is that the openness that enabled the brigadier to lead UNIT and work with the Doctor. Overall, I would say that Lethbridge-Stewart: Moon Blink is well worth the read.