Tyler Hoechlin a Success as Superman on Supergirl

In the first two episodes of this season’s Supergirl TV series, Tyler Hoechlin appeared as Superman. In the first season of the program, the character was only referred to, sent emails, or appeared as a shadowy image. When Hoechlin arrived on the show, he seemed to have always been a part of it. He fit in nicely with the tone of what the program has been. With the same touch of seriousness and humor that has marked the Supergirl series since the beginning. It will be interesting to see how Hoechlin and Superman will be used in the future. He definitely should be brought back. But at the same time, nobody should forget that the name of the show is Supergirl, and that Melissa Benoist is the star. The producers have to be careful that Superman doesn’t overshadow Supergirl in the series. But if Hoechlin continues to be a success on Supergirl in future appearances, the actor may earn his own series as the iconic character. It would be an interesting twist to have a Superman series spin-off from Supergirl now, since Supergirl was a spin-off from Superman in comic books decades ago.superman-tyler-hoechlin

Illinois’ First Hall of Fame Class Needs to be Diverse

On October 27, University of Illinois athletic director, Josh Whitman, announced the establishment of a hall of fame for the school’s past athletes. Collegiate and NFL great Dick Butkus was named as the first inductee. The rest of the first class of inductees will be announced in February 2017. It will be selected by a secret committee, and most probably be a group of 25-30 former Illinois athletes. There are an obvious group of four that must be included: Red Grange: The football great has his number retired, and a statue that resides in an area in front of Memorial Stadium that’s named after him.

Bob Zupke: The football coach with the most wins has the field at Memorial Stadium named after him.

Lou Henson: The basketball coach with the most wins has the court at State Farm Center named after him.

Lou Boudreau: The MLB hall of famer has his baseball number retired at Illinois and was a basketball All-American at the school.

After those four are selected, I believe that there should be no more than five former football and men’s basketball players selected for the initial hall of fame class at Illinois. The rest should come from the other teams that Illinois has had down through the years such as, Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, and wrestling. All the sports that Illinois has had down through the years should be represented in the first hall of fame, both men and women. Even two teams that were dropped from Illinois’ athletic program should be represented, Men’s swimming and Diving and Fencing. Illinois has had several diverse sports teams down through the years. Its hall of fame should be diverse as well.




Lovie Smith a Strong Leader For Illini

Lovie Smith is beginning his second week of games as head coach for  University of Illinois football. His first win came over Murray State, a score of 52-3. But this week Smith’s focus is on North Carolina and his own team. The new coach talks about his team improving each week as the season progresses. Smith has a cool confidence that I have never seen in an Illini football coach. He believes in his team, and wants them to play to the best of their ability. I see a leader here. A man who knows where he wants his team to go, and will do everything he can to get them there. It will be interesting to see how far he can take them.

Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney to Customer

An unselfish act


This weekend, a Hooters waitress is donating a kidney to one of the restaurant’s regular customers, Atlanta news station 11 Alive reports.

Don Thomas lost kidney function due to cancer, and Mariana Villarreal, who works at the Roswell, Ga., franchise, was inspired to donate because her grandma recently died of kidney failure.

“I wasn’t able to do anything for my grandma,” she told 11 Alive, but “if [Don] can live two more years, happy as he’s ever been, that’s fine with me.”

It is not the first time a stranger has donated a kidney to someone in need. TIME recently reported that a woman found her kidney donor on Reddit. The successful transplant surgery took place in Augusta, Ga., and the two are now close friends.

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Ernie Banks’ Lost Home Run

Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks, who died last Friday, is officially credited with 512 home runs. But on June 30, 1969, Banks was robbed of a home run by a silly call by an umpire. It was a rainy night Jarry Park in Montreal. Banks hit a deep fly ball off starting pitcher Howie Reed that reached the other side of the left centerfield fence. Second base umpire Paul Pryor ruled the ball had rolled through a hole in the bottom of the fence, and ruled the hit a ground rule double. Montreal outfielders Ron Fairly and Adolpho Phillips laughed so hard they covered their faces with their gloves. The hole was never found.