David Dimbleby to Present One Last Election

th When the British election happens on June 8, a very familiar face will be there to present the results to the audience for BBC television. David Dimbleby will be the lead presenter for the BBC election results programĀ  for the tenth and final time. It was originally thought that Dimbleby’s work on the 2015 election would be his last, since he planned to retire before the next general election that was scheduled in 2020. But Theresa May’s call for a snap election gives the veteran journalist one more opportunity to report the election results to the United Kingdom.

Dimbleby will be on the air from a little before ten pm on June 8 until seven am June 9, when Huw Edwards will take over the presenter role.

Dimbleby’s father Richard was the original presenter for BBC television’s election coverage beginning in the 1950s. His last election was in 1964, the first time that his son was a reporter for the British national coverage. Richard Dimbleby would die a little over a year later.

As David Dimbleby comes to the end of his career, he has one last opportunity to report a national election for the BBC.