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Tyler Hoechlin a Success as Superman on Supergirl

In the first two episodes of this season’s Supergirl TV series, Tyler Hoechlin appeared as Superman. In the first season of the program, the character was only referred to, sent emails, or appeared as a shadowy image. When Hoechlin arrived on the show, he seemed to have always been a part of it. He fit in nicely with the tone of what the program has been. With the same touch of seriousness and humor that has marked the Supergirl series since the beginning. It will be interesting to see how Hoechlin and Superman will be used in the future. He definitely should be brought back. But at the same time, nobody should forget that the name of the show is Supergirl, and that Melissa Benoist is the star. The producers have to be careful that Superman doesn’t overshadow Supergirl in the series. But if Hoechlin continues to be a success on Supergirl in future appearances, the actor may earn his own series as the iconic character. It would be an interesting twist to have a Superman series spin-off from Supergirl now, since Supergirl was a spin-off from Superman in comic books decades ago.superman-tyler-hoechlin